14.12.2016 Dr. Damian Borth moderates the Machine Learning panel at VDI CESIS 2016 in Berlin

Dr. Damian Borth has the great honor to moderate an expert panel discussion about machine learning including Dr. Ralph Herbrich (Managing Director at Amazon Development Center, Germany), Michael Adendor (Senior Technical Staff Member, Architect – Predictive Maintenance and Quality, Watson IoT, IBM, Canada) and Sami Abu-El-Haija (Sami Abu-El-Haija, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Google Research, USA) as participants. The panel discussion at VDI CESIS 2016 conference focused on recent advances in machine learning and its role in the cloud.

12.12.2016 Tim Althoff gives a talk at the DFKI Deep Learning Competence Center

Tim Althoff - PhD candidate from Stanford - is visiting the DFKI in Kaiserslautern to give a talk about his research topic Leveraging Data Science and Social Networks To Improve Human Well-Being and Health, in which he presents a new method based in network analysis, data mining, causal inference and computational linguistic to harness the power of massive data to improve human health. For this he addresses how to leverage large-scale datasets from several sources to study if and how mobile health applications and online social communities can improve health and well-being overall.

07.12.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives an invited talk at Invesco

At this year's quand day Dr. Damian Borth was invited to give a talk about the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning extending the domain of Financial Data Science at Invesco in Frankfurt am Main.

05.12.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives a keynote at US-Germany Artificial Intelligence Policy Workshop in Washington DC, USA

With the White House releasing a follow-up report of the October report about AI transforming our society, Dr. Damian Borth has been invited by the German Embassy in Washington DC to give a keynote about state-of-the-art of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at the German-US AI Policy workshop.The discussions during the workshop at New America follows the White House ‘Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy’ report’s line of argumentation to embrace Artificial Intelligence as influencing our daily life and disrupting our industries. Dr. Damian Borth’s discussion focus was on the need for smart regulation in the artificial intelligence space.

21.11.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives invited talk at the Daimler Digital Life Day

Dr. Damian Borth has been invited to Daimler’s Digital Life Tech Talk Event in Stuttgart. Speaking about Artificial Intelligence as driving force of digitalization Dr. Damian Borth has presented recent developments and projects of the DFKI Deep Learning Competence Center. Impressions can be found here [X].

08.11.2016 Dr. Damian Borth has been selected as Part of the BW Foundation “Neurorobotik” Review Committee

The Baden-Würtemberg Foundation has selected Dr. Damian Borth as one memeber of the “Neurorobotik” program review committee. Neurobotik (‘Newrobotic’) is an interdisciplinary topic which gathers the aspects of neuroscience, robotics and computer science. The Baden-Württemberg foundation has granted an overall budget of EUR 4 Mio for the program.

25.10.2016 Invited Talk at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) about Deep Learning

Dr. Damian Borth was invited by the faculty of architecture to speak about deep learning and artificial intelligence at the “Architecture meets Technology Symposium” at KIT in Karlsruhe.

25.10.2016 Dr. Damian Borth participated at the Deep Learning Panel of the ACM Multimedia

Dr. Damian Borth was invited as one of four participants to the Deep Learning Panel discussion at ACM Int. Conference on Multimedia. The panel discussed the recent momentum of deep learning in context of media technology research.

03.10.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives an invited talk at the MENSA Germany MIND Event

Providing an insight look at current research activities at the Deep Learn Learning Competence Center at the DFKI, Dr. Damian Borth has been talking at the MENSA annual MIND Academie event which took place this year in Mannheim.

28.09.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives a talk at GTC Europe in Amsterdam

Presenting PricewaterhouseCooper’s and the DFKI’s approach to detect financial fraud as anomalies in journal entries Dr. Damian Borth and Marco Schreyer speak about the future of audits and forensics in large scale financial and accounting data by the use of Deep Learning and Stacked Autoencoders. The agenda of this event can be found here [X].

14.09.2016 Third Financial Data Science Association Conference in Frankfurt

Discussing the topic of why big data and artificial intelligence being ready to disrupt investment security markets, Dr. Damian Borth provides insights about this topics at the third Financial Data Association Conference. In particular the issue of artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence, big data processing and analytics for the finance industry were discussed in his talk and panel discussion about Financial Data Science.

09.09.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives a TED talk at TEDxStuttgart

With this year’s theme ‘(e)Motion’ Dr. Damian Borth was honored to give a TED talk at the TEDxStuttgart about “Our future with Artificial Intelligence” and the question what if machines would become aware of themselves and how this would transform the current understanding of us as humans. To read more about the event and to watch Dr. Damian Borth’s talk click here [X].

09.09.2016 UC Berkeley’s Prof. Stella Yu visits DFKI DLCC

Prof. Stelly Yu from UC Berkeley visits DFKI Deep Learning Competence Center (DLCC) to give a talk about deep learning and satellite image analysis and discuss potential collaborations with DFKI DLCC and UC Berkeley.

02.09.2016 The Investment Innovation Benchmark (IIB) invited Dr. Damian Borth to give a keynote about Artificial Intelligence

The IIB summit in Stockholm invited Dr. Damian Borth to give a keynote about the topic: “The Global Pulse: Addressing Sustainable Development Goals with Artificial Intelligence”. In particular the usage of satellite image data was discussed as disrupting force in this area. In parallel, the investment journal “Responsible Investor” covers Dr. Damian Borths research in a features article focusing on the usage of AI for Good.

29.06.2016 Interview with WDR and Dr. Damian Borth about Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Program

Dr. Damian Borth gave an Interview to the WDR 5 radio program to talk about the definition of Artificial Intelligence and current state-of-the-art in the Deep Learning following the potential usage of AI in everyday life. Here a snippet of the interview [x].

23.06.2016 DFKI has been selected to join the NVIDIA’s GPU Research Center Program

Since its continuous work in the area of GPU research in the field of text, image, video and social media analysis, DFKI Deep Learning Competence Center has been chosen to join NVIDIA’s GPU Research Center. With the status as a GPU research center, the researchers from DFKI have access to latest devices and software for GPU computing to further explore the wide field of GPU utilization for deep learning.

22.06.2016 Dr. Damian Borth Gives A Talk At ISC, Frankfurt a.M.

Dr. Damian Borth talks about Deep Learning for Visual Classification of Adjective Nound Pairs at ISC. Furthermore, he introduces the SentiBank and the Yahoo Flickr Creative Common 100 million (YFCC100m) dataset, for which more information can be found here [x].

01.06.2016 Workshop At First National Science Foundation In Berkeley

Along with many other events, Dr. Damian Borth was one out of six provocateurs to discuss the topic of Cybermanufacturing Ecosystem and Infrastructure at the Cybermanufactoring Workshop on Enabling Composable & Modular Manufacturing through Abstractions in Berkeley.

01.06.2016 Invited talk about usage of Deep Learning and Satellite Image Analysis

At this year’s Situation Awareness Workshop at ICSI in Berkeley, California, USA, Dr. Damian Borth was invited to present recent work around deep learning and satellite image data analysis for situation awareness and natural disaster monitoring. The workshop was set up as an interdisciplinary event connecting domain experts with machine learning experts from UC berkeley, University of Stanford, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and DFKI.

12.05.2016 Dr. Damian Borth At Twitter In Berlin, Germany

‘We consider data the fabric of modern life’ says Dr. Damian Borth in his invited talk about Visual Sentiment Analysis with Deep CNNs at Twitter in Berlin. Working closely with Twitter at the Multimedia Opinion Mining project, this gave both Dr. Borth and Twitter a unique opportunity for exchange of ideas and discussion of potential collaboration activities.

28.04.2016 Interview with about Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Damian Borth gave an Interview to about how computers are able to learn from unstructured data and to deal with searching for pattern in order to find meaning.

28.04.2016 Dr. Damian Borth invited to Expert Discussion about AI at German Live TV Show

The 3sat-TV-Show “Scobel” dedicated a live show on the 28.04.2016 to the topic “Die Roboter-Rivalen”. The reason for this show was triggered by the media hype about the victory of Google’s computer program “AlphaGO” against one of the world’s best Go-players, the south korean Lee Sedol. “AlphaGO” is basically using two categories of neuronal networks and a tree search. So, it is based on a Deep Learning procedure. In this context, Dr. Damian Borth and Thomas Metzinger were invited to discuss the need of ‘ethik of machines’ in terms of recent successes in artificial intelligence. In particular, whether it is possible for machines to pass the Turing test, in order to analyze and evaluate data sets independently and autonomously.

27.04.2016 Dr. Damian Borth Gives A Talk At The HfG Karlsruhe

Covering the topics “Art and Artificial Intelligence?” Dr. Damian Borth had the opportunity to present recent advanced in deep learning to students from KIT and HfG Karlsruhe. He presented insights about machines starting to create art at the HfG Karlsruhe.

18.04.2016 Dr. Damian Borth talks at the Quo Vadis 2016, Berlin

Along with other talks from experts from several institutions Dr. Damian Borth presents the concept of Deep Learning for Visual Classification of Adjective Noun Pairs and its Application at the Quo Vadis 2016. Further he introduces the SentiBank and the Yahoo Flickr Creative Common 100 million (YFCC100m) dataset, for which you can see more information here [x].

01.04.2016 Dr. Damian Borth Gives An Interview To The German Newspaper ‘Welt am Sonntag’

In current time Artificial Intelligence is even more present in daily life. Considering the recent success of Google’s Alpha Go in the game Go, Dr. Damian Borth gives a slight overview of how AI is working, in particular Deep Learning.

14.03.2016 DFKI With Many Projects At The CeBIT in Hannover, Germany

Together with the MOM, the SentiBank and many more project, the DFKI was present at this years CeBIT in Hannover. A short impression can be found here [x].

11.03.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gives an Interview for German TV channel “RTL Nachtjournal”

The current news of a go match between a human player and an artificial intelligence in which the AI has won, is one of the topic Dr. Damian covers in the Interview with RTL. He explains the principles of artificial intelligence and how the machine was able to defeat the human player by using latest advanced in deep learning.

02.03.2016 Dr. Damian Borth at Hitachi Social Responsibility Event in Brussels

Speaking about Industry 4.0 and Social Innovation, Dr. Damian is invited to present his opinion about the interplay between Artificial Intelligence and the rapidly changing working environment at Hitachi in Brussles.

16.02.2016 Dr. Damian Borth as a speaker at the E-Finance Lab and IBM Conference in Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Damian Borth gives a talk at the Joint Spring Conference 2016 of E-Finance Lab and IBM to discuss the topic of “Identifiers and Identification Management in the Financial World and Beyond - Requests, Solutions, and Applications” with other participants from science and practise. A video of Borth’s speech about “Identifier Matching in Responsible Investment – a Machine Learning Approach” is to be found here [x].

02.02.2016 Dr. Damian Borth gave a Keynote about “Artificial Intelligence” at WIV Family Office Annual Meeting in Frankfurt am Main

The WIV Family Office invited Dr. Damian Borth to give a keynote about “Artificial Intelligence” at their annual meeting in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Damian was speaking in front of as selected group of guest including beyond others Prof. Rombach from Fraunhofer IESE, and member of the board of the University of Kaiserslautern.

16.12.2015 Google Tech Talk In Zurich About Visual Classication with DeepSentiBank: Visual Classification of Adjective Noun Pairs and its Application for CSA Detection

Dr. Damian Borth and Dr. Christian Schulze both introduce the concepts of Adjective Nound Pairs (ANP) and Visual Sentiment Ontology (VSO) together with SentiBank, which has been already shown to have a broad spectrum of application domains. To do experiments on several datasets, applying multiple low-level features are needed, like real world CSA provided by several European law enforcement partners.

25.11.2015 Dr. Damian Borth Gives A Talk At The Quantified Planet Data Summit In Stockholm, Sweden

‘How can Machine Learning help the Planet?’ this was the question Dr. Damian Borth discussed in his talk at the Quantified Planet Data Summit. The QP itself is a non-profit and global community that collects real time sensor data. The goal is to build an open platform for innovation in health and environment data for a better world and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

13.11.2015 Dr. Damian Borth Giving A Keynote at Reporting 3.0 in Berlin

Being invited to give a keynote on Driving the Next Systemic Transformation by Big (Sustainability) Data at the Reporting 3.0, Dr. Damian Borth showed in a vivid kind of way how to handle this issue with for example current technology in satellite techniques, or how machines can imitate the art style of several artists to change a given picture into this style. The presentation to this keynote can be found here [x].

06.11.2015 1st Financial Data Science Association Conference in Zurich

Having the goal to improve the synergies between data science and financial markets more than 30 international participants joined the first Financial Data Science Association Conference ( Beside several plenary sessions and panel discussions, Dr. Damian Borth spoke introduced the principles for Financial Data Science and discussed usage of Artificial Intelligence for Good.

06.10.2015 MADM presents at the press event covering Googles engagement with the DFKI

The DFKI announced that Google became a shareholder of the DFKI. The MADM group presented their Eye Tracking technology and Visual Sentiment Analysis (SentiBank) with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), which was names as one of the key technologies by Google. In this context, MADM was also covered in an TechCrunch article.

15.09.2015: "Financial Data Science" a discipline combining Data Mining and Financial Statistics

A new discipline emerges - "Financial Data Science" - which combines approaches from data mining and financial statistics leveraging large-scale data processing, machine learning, statistics, and financial modeling more

07.09.2015: "Multimedia Opinion Mining for Social Good" presented at UN PRI Event

In the context of the BMBF sponsored project "Multimedia Opinion Mining", Dr. Damian Borth, gave a guest lecture at the ICMA Center of the Henley Business School about how tools developed at MADM can be used for social good. The lecture presented novel way of mining social multimedia to gain insights about critical issues around environmental, social, and governance issues.

04.09.2015: Dr. Damian Borth part of assessment committee for the Investment Innovation Benchmark (IIB)

Dr. Damian Borth served as a member of the assessment committee at the Investment Innovation Benchmark (IIB) summit in London. Damian was appointed to the committee due to his background in machine learning and large-scale data processing and will serve as an expert to evaluate FinTech submissions. The assessment committee consists of member from academia and some of the largest pension fund worldwide.

03.08.2015: "YFCC100M: The New Data in Multimedia Research" got accepted at CACM

Our paper describing the 100 million images and videos Flickr dataset: "YFCC100M: The New Data in Multimedia Research" got accepted at "Communication of the ACM". The paper describes the up-to-date largest dataset in the computer vision and multimedia research community. This work was a collaboration between Yahoo Inc., ICSI Berkeley, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. A pre-print is available on

6.07.2015: Interview with Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung about Computer Vision Research

Dr. Damian Borth gave an Interview to Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung about the success of deep learning in computer vision research, recent progress to recognize sentiment and emotions in visual content, and how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used for social good.

25.6.2015: Dr. Damian Borth moderates a Technology Panel at Bloomberg, New York, USA

With the advent of FinTech, disciplines like machine learning, natural language processing, and large-scale data mining are moving into the finance and investment industry. To discuss the potential of FinTech, Dr. Damian Borth was invited to moderate a Technology Panel at FinTech Bloomberg event. The panel was including CEOs and CTOs of leading startups in the area such as: eRevalue, TruValue and Bloomberg Labs.

02.06.2015: Dr. Damian Borth speaks at RI Europe about Financial Data Science, London, UK

Dr. Damian Borth speaks about Big Data and Environmental, Social and Governance research and introduces together with Prof. Andreas Hoepner the concept of "Financial Data Science" at the RI Europe - a major conference in the responsible investment community. Financial Data Science embraces the processing of large datasets with machine learning methods and welcomes approaches such as opinion mining from public available data on the web.

14.04.2015: Call for paper for Multimedia COMMONS Workshop is out

The CfP to the Multimedia COMMONS workshop (MMCommons) is out! We invite the community to attend MMCommons and explore the possibilities for novel research, future data challenges, and new benchmarks offered by this large-scale open dataset (YFCC100m dataset). The MMCommons will be held at the ACM Multimedia 2015, Brisbane, Australia around October 26-30.

01.04.2015: Dr. Damian Borth appointed new head of MADM group

By April 2015, Damian Borth became the new head of MADM. Before this position Damian was a postdoctoral research fellow at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) with Dr. Gerald Friedland and at UC Berkeley with Prof. Trevor Darrell where he was involved in various project sponsored by DARPA, IARPA, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His research focuses concept detection from social multimedia including trending topic detection, visual sentiment analysis, and multimedia opinion mining.

01.04.2015: Invited talk about "Data Science and Opinion Mining" at the London School of Economics, UK

The project Multimedia Opinion Mining (MOM) was presented in the context of Data Science during an UN PRI event at the London School of Economics. Dr. Damian Borth introduced data science and opinion mining and outlined how it can be used for social good. The event was later interrupted by an evacuation due to the Holborn Fire in London.

31.03.2015: Dr. Damian Borth gives an invited talk at the University of Reading, UK

Dr. Damian Borth speaks about "Mining Insights from Public Data" at an event of the University of Reading and outlines concepts and goals of the Multimedia Opinion Mining (MOM) project to the audience.

18.03.2015: Dr. Damian Borth invited to BMBF dinner with Dr. Georg Schütte in Berkeley, USA

During a visit of the Bundesministerium für Forschung und Entwicklung (BMBF) in the Bay Area, the BMBF invited DAAD scholarship researcher from ICSI to join an exclusive dinner with Deputy Secretary Dr. Georg Schütte. Dr. Damian Borth introduces the BMBF funded project Multimedia Opinion Mining (MOM) to the delegation during the dinner.

01.03.2015: BMBF funded project Multimedia Opinion Mining (MOM) starts

Multimedia Opinion Mining (MOM), a 2.5 years long project funded by the BMBF, aims to address the challenge of opinion mining in social multimedia content. The main goals of MOM are: (1) analyze social media data to detect and track trending topics. (2) understand multimedia content with respect to its sentiment and opinion. (3) discover individual persons or groups able to influence propagation of topics in social networks. And finally, (4) forecasting the progression of identified topics into the near future. The project will be coordinated within MADM and lead by Dr. Damian Borth.

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